Dennis Fisher Covers BIML and Data Feudalism

Here is an excellent piece from Dennis Fisher (currently writing for decipher) covers our new LLM Architectural Risk Analysis. Dennis always produces accurate and tightly-written work.

This article includes an important section on data feudalism, a term that BIML coined in an earlier Decipher article:

“Massive private data sets are now the norm and the companies that own them and use them to train their own LLMs are not much in the mood for sharing anymore. This creates a new type of inequality in which those who own the data sets control how and why they’re used, and by whom.

‘The people who built the original LLM used the whole ocean of data, but then they started dividing [the ocean] up, [leading] to data feudalism. Which means you can’t build your own model because you don’t have access to [enough] data,’ McGraw said.”


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