BIML Team Members

Gary McGraw, Ph.D.

Co-founder of the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning, Gary is a globally recognized authority on software security and the author of eight best selling books on this topic. His titles include Software Security, Exploiting Software, Building Secure Software, Java Security, Exploiting Online Games, and 6 other books; and he is editor of the Addison-Wesley Software Security series. Dr. McGraw has also written over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Gary serves on the Advisory Boards of Maxmyinterest, NTrepid, Ravenwhite, and Secure Code Warrior. He has also served as a Board member of Cigital and Codiscope (acquired by Synopsys) and as Advisor to Black Duck (acquired by Synopsys), Dasient (acquired by Twitter), Fortify Software (acquired by HP), and Invotas (acquired by FireEye). Gary produced the monthly Silver Bullet Security Podcast for IEEE Security & Privacy magazine for thirteen years. His dual PhD is in Cognitive Science and Computer Science from Indiana University where he serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

Harold Figueroa, Ph.D.

Director of the MIRA (Machine Intelligence Research and Applications) Lab at Ntrepid. Harold is responsible for directing efforts to integrate advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, language sciences, and network science into Ntrepid’s products. In particular understanding the robustness of these kinds of capabilities to changing conditions and in adversarial environments. He leads a team with deep and diverse talents capable of tracking and building upon advances in these fast-moving fields. Harold is particularly interested in understanding the development of scientific ideas, how they’re adopted and understood downstream, and how this process creates opportunities for these to lead and mislead us. In a previous life at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Harold developed a broadly used software platform and analysis techniques for environmental monitoring through sound. Before that, he earned a Masters and worked toward his Doctorate in applied math at the Cornell Center for Applied Mathematics where he was involved in research and teaching in image and signal processing, numerical optimization, and epidemiology and ecology.

Victor Shepardson

A technologist and artist from the Washington, DC area. Victor uses software to explore generativity and machine intelligence. Victor holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of Virginia and an MA in Digital Musics from Dartmouth College. He currently works as a research engineer at Ntrepid and founding member of BIML.

Richie Bonett

A computer scientist born and raised in Berryville, Virginia. Richie’s work involves applying machine learning and static analysis to improve the state of software engineering. He graduated from William and Mary with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2017. He is currently employed as a systems engineer at Verisign, and is a founding member of BIML.

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