Lemos on the BIML LLM Risk Analysis

What’s the difference (philosophically) between Adversarial AI and Machine Learning Security? Once again, Rob Lemos cuts to the quick with his analysis of MLsec happenings. It helps that Rob has actual experience in ML/AI (unlike, say, most reporters on the planet). That helps Rob get things right.

READ THE ARTICLE:https://www.darkreading.com/cyber-risk/researchers-map-ai-threat-landscape-risks

We were proud to have our first coverage come from Rob in darkreading.

My favorite quote: “Those things that are in the black box are the risk decisions that are being made by Google and Open AI and Microsoft and Meta on your behalf without you even knowing what the risks are,” McGraw says. “We think that it would be very helpful to open up the black box and answer some questions.”

Read BIML’s An Architectural Risk Analysis of Large Language Models (January 24, 2024)


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