Our Secret BIML Strategy

Dang. Darkreading went and published our world domination plan for machine learning securiy

To properly secure machine learning, the enterprise needs to be able to do three things: find where machine learning is being used, threat model the risk based on what was found, and put in controls to manage those risks.

‘We need to find machine learning [and] do a threat model based on what you found,’ McGraw says. ‘You found some stuff, and now your threat model needs to be adjusted. Once you do your threat model and you’ve identified some risks and threats, you need to put in some controls right across all those problems.’

There is no one tool or platform that can handle all three things, but McGraw happens to be on the advisory boards for three companies corresponding to each of the areas. Legit Security finds everything, IriusRisk helps with threat modeling, and Calypso AI puts controls in place.

‘I can see all the parts moving,’ McGraw says. ‘All the pieces are coming together.'”

Ah the Trinity of MLsec explained! Read the article here.


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