Think Global, Talk Local

We’re pleased that BIML has helped spread the word about MLsec (that is, machine learning security engioneering) all over the world. We’ve given talks in Germany, Norway, England, and, of course, all over the United States.

And we’re always up for more. If you are interested in having BIML participate in your conference, please contact Gary McGraw through his website.

This summer, we were asked to give a talk at our local community center, the Barns of Rose Hill. We were happy to oblige. We even donated all proceeds to FISH.

Those of you who are deep geeks will know what a challenge it can be to communicate subtle technology ideas to normal people. BIML prides itself on being able to do that. The issues we’re researching are important and have a direct impact on our society as a whole. For that reason, spreading the word among non-technical normals is critical to our mission.


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