Introducing a BIML University Scholar

An important part of BIML’s mission as an institute is to spread the word about our understanding of machine learning security risk throughout the world. We recently decided to take on three college and high school interns to provide a bridge to academia and to inculcate young minds early in the intricacies of machine learning security. We introduce them here in a series of blog entries.

We are very pleased to introduce Aishwarya Seth who is a BIML University Scholar.

Aishwarya is a graduate student at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. An ardent fan of crime thrillers since early childhood, she has always been passionate about security. When Aishwarya was introduced to Java programming in high school, her interest in security took a turn towards computer security.

The rise of Machine Learning coincides directly with Aishwarya’s study of security and cryptography, the confluence of which fascinate her. After earning her undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Aishwarya worked as a team member of the Clari5 AI/ML team where she focused on reducing the number of false positives detected for potentially fraudulent transactions online.

Apart from pondering different ways to secure the world, Aishwarya likes to read novels, scribble, travel, and explore.

As BIML University Scholar, Aishwarya will:
  1. Examine and document North Carolina State University’s ML security research interests and activity
  2. Examine and document BIML’s ML security research interests and activity
  3. Create a cross reference for joint research interests and activity between NCSU and BIML
  4. Be jointly supervised by Dr. Lauri Williams and a member and BIML research staff member
A $2000 BIML scholarship has been allocated to pay for these activities.


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