Introducing the First BIML High School Scholar

An important part of BIML’s mission as an institute is to spread the word about our understanding of machine learning security risk throughout the world. We recently decided to take on three college and high school interns to provide a bridge to academia and to inculcate young minds early in the intricacies of machine learning security. We introduce them here in a series of blog entries.

We are very pleased to introduce Nikil Shyamsunder who is the first BIML High School Scholar.

Nikil is a sophomore at John Handley High School in Winchester, VA. He has been programming for most of his (short) life and has become keenly interested in Machine Learning.

Nikil organizes and teaches coding camps and also offers private coding classes to his peers. He enjoys participating in a philosophy-based style of debate called Lincoln-Douglass. He is currently competing in the International Public Policy Forum on the pros and cons of AI. He and his team recently reached the Top 16 and continue to compete. Nikil is fascinated by linguistics and has advanced through the Spelling Bee to Nationals twice.

In his free time, Nikil plays the violin, an Indian tonal percussion instrument called Mridangam, and enjoys producing music.

As BIML High School Scholar, Nikil will help to curate the BIML annotated bibliography. This bibliography has become an important resource for researchers working in the field of Machine Learning security as it provides an opinionated overview of work in the field, including a top 5 papers section.

For his efforts on behalf of BIML, Nikil will receive a scholarship of $500 to put towards expenses at the college of his choice.


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